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Light Touch Technologies Company Knowledgebase is our one stop for answers about our services & products.

We provide solutions for technical support, learning and account management.

Our Categories

Click on the categories below to find your solution for technical support, learning and account management with Light Touch Technologies.

Fast Unlimited Web Hosting

This category features technical support articles about our fast, unlimited web hosting.

Low Cost Domain Registration

Most of your questions answered about domain registration will be found here.

Professional Web Design

This category features technical and learning articles about WordPress design and administration as well as other design platforms of web design. You will learn about what to do and not to do.

Webmaster & SEO Marketing

We use all of the current SEO techniques to keep your website at high search engine visibility. Click to find most commonly answered questions and techniques.

Sales and Accounts

You can find most questions answered about pre-sales questions and support for current customer accounts with us.

Professional Graphic Design

This category features answers to common questions about our high quality, professional graphic design.

Business Blog Advertising

This category featuures all a customer needs to know about how to advertise with Light Touch Technologies through blog advertising.

Advanced Web Server Support

Here is where you will find answers to advanced technical questions about our web hosting Server.

Can’t Find the Support Article?

If you are unable to find the help you need in any of our support articles,
contact support for your solution.